Tappables are items that you will find in Minecraft Earth which are collectable. These can be in the form of mobs, chests, trees or other items which you can tap on to interact with.

Tappables will be indicated by a glowing outline around the item when you are within reach to interact with the item.

A tappable pig

Certain tappable mobs can be different types of mob variations. These mobs can look normal but can be actually different more rare variations of the mob. One example of this is the muddy pig which we have seen in various Minecraft Earth trailers.

We’ve also seen Tweets by the official Minecraft Earth twitter giving an insight into further rare mobs “Ender dolphins, Pyjamallamas” – So we expect to see a whole lot of new mobs for you to hunt down.

You will also see tappable chests appear around the map. These chests allow you to collect items when you tap on them. Heres where you will find most of your building blocks. Each chest contains items which you and your friends can collect.

Items from a chest in Minecraft Earth

Items in the chest are the same for every player – allowing you to help your friends out by letting them know about a chest having special items. But these are ever-evolving and changing so expect to see different items in a chest often.

Once you have collected an item it will appear in your inventory and be available for building on your build plate. You can use the items you have collected to build with your friends and then take your buildings from your build plate and place them into the real world. Mobs that you find will also be stored in your inventory – Allowing you to then place these mobs in your build plate buildings.

Tappable Rarity

Different tappables have a different rarity level. These are indicated by an outline around the tappable item.

  • White Outline – Common
  • Green Outline – Uncommon
  • Blue Outline – Rare
  • Purple Outline – Epic

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