Build plates are core elements of the Minecraft earth game. These build plates are pre-defined areas where users can build in Minecraft Earth. These can be up to 60 meters in size and can be upgraded via the shop or by levelling up your in-game player.

Build plates can be placed on any flat surface and allow users to build with friends that they invite to the build plate. Friends that you invite to the build plate will be able to place there own block or destroy blocks that you have placed – so make sure that you only invite friends that you trust.

An example of the build plates you can build with in Minecraft Earth

Build plates can be shareable via a link which can expire. This way other players can check out your build without having to be physically near you.

Builds can also be placed in the real world allowing any player to interact with the build plate. They can modify the build plate but upon leaving the build returns back to its original state. Only players who have been specifically invited by you can modify the build plate permanently.

Players building on a build plate

Players tools or blocks they are currently holding are displayed beside the phone and move as they place blocks or mine.

You can then place your build in the real world at full size to and look around it or go directly inside the build. Showing off your full-scale build with friends.