Hunting down Tappables in Minecraft Earth is not always easy and sometimes can feel like you are aimlessly wandering around looking for that rare mob or item.

Thats all about to change with CrafterVision, this map shows you exactly where a Tappable is and you can see the rarity colour and what is inside each Tappable.

By default the map starts in Seattle, you can use the search functionality or pan around and choose a new location, then simply click the “Search for Tappables” button – This will show all the Tappables around you.

Clicking a Tappable will show you exactly what is inside it.

This is perfect for if you are trying to find a specific block for your build.

Even cooler, you can find rare mobs. Heres an example of a Muddy Pig I hunted down earlier.

These maps were popular in Pokemon Go – With players being able to easily use them to find Pokemon. Becoming a super useful tool in the community. It will be interesting to see as Minecraft Earth develops what other tools will pop up.

Check out CrafterVision by clicking here.