The Minecraft Earth 2.0.0 update that we reported on recently has bought lots of features to the app but along with new mobs, items, store and rubies we have spotted reports of Tappables appearing outside of the beta cities.

Before the 2.0.0 update tappables would only appear in the beta cities Tokyo, Stockholm, Japan, Mexico City and the UK. But as of yesterday tappables have started populating in other cities.

Beta users on Discord and Twitter have been reporting spotting tappables outside of these cities. The game is still not available to users outside of the beta cities but users who were lucky enough to get access can now play outside of these core beta cities.

Community manager Joel (RaiZero) confirmed this on discord

“We are only inviting people from those 5 cities but you may be able to play outside of those areas. We’re working on filling out the world and making sure we have tappables all over”

This is a strong indicator that we are getting closer to launch and we hope to see some more cities rolled out into the beta or a global launch soon.

Have you spotted Tappables outside of the beta cities? Let us know where on Twitter.