The fourth update in Minecraft Earths lifetime has arrived and is currently rolling out to players lucky enough to be in the Beta. This update brings further changes and bug fixes to the game.

Heres what we know about in Minecraft Earth 0.4.0 so far. Make sure you check back to see more information that we discover.

New Inventory Layout

The inventory layout has been tweaked allowing you to view different sections of items. This makes finding items much easier.

New Mobs

A couple of new mobs have appeared. The Wooly Cow and Jumbo Rabbit.

New Items

We see the addition of a few new items added to the game.

New Icons

A couple of new Icons have appeared. An XP icon for challenges and a backpack icon and a locked item icon.

Other Tweaks
  • Tweaks to the persona “dressing room” – This feature should be on the horizon allowing you to customise your skin.
  • Challenges tweaks – Seeing a few changes to elements around challenges.
  • Lots of other changes not worth reporting on.