Minecon 2019 was this past weekend and during the live stream, we got an insight into the future of Minecraft Earth.

The most important and exciting news is that Minecraft Earth is scheduled to begin rollout to the world in October. This rollout will happen slowly with countries being chosen and able to download and play the game. No more waiting for an invite, everyone in the countries chosen will be able to play.

This is being called “Early Access” and it has been announced that the Early Access version of the game will have features that haven’t been yet made available to beta players including the long-awaited Adventures feature along with new mob variants and crafting/smelting.


Adventures are the most exciting feature that we are yet to see in the Beta. These adventures allow users to participate in tasks with friends to earn special loot. Every player that participates in the adventure with you gets given the same loot.

As noted in one of our previous articles the three types of adventures are Hostile, Mystery and Peaceful.

Character Creator

The Character Creator is another interesting announcement. This allows players to customise their Minecraft Earth Skin with a range of predefined customisations. Players will be able to unlock new clothing customisations by completing certain tasks.

There is a whole lot more coming to Minecraft Earth than what we have seen in the Beta and we should start to see even more and more content coming in October when the first countries are given Early Access.

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