Earlier today the Minecraft Earth development team hosted a Q&A on Discord. A lot of questions were made, so we’ve pulled out some of the best and listed them below:


When will Minecraft Earth release?
We don’t have an official date to share just yet, but stay tuned!

When will the beta be released to the Android folks?
Soon! I know it’s the “typical saying” that you hear, but really, we want to get the Android folks into the beta as well. SOON!

When will we be releasing the beta in [CITY/COUNTRY]?
For the time being we’re focused on the current 5 cities that are in the beta and aren’t planning to open up more cities.

If I signed up for the beta on a city that was selected, why I’m not in yet? We’re doing a thoughtful ramp up in the cities that we’ve unlocked. If you haven’t been selected, stay tuned!

Will there be mods for Minecraft Earth?
No mods for Minecraft Earth, Sorry!

When will all people signed up for beta get to play?
Well, technically when we’re out of beta since there’s a [lot] of people who signed up outside of our 5 beta cities.

Will there be cross play between Android and iOS?

What redstone components will there be in MCE and how will they work diffrent compared to the redstone in other minecraft versions
All redstone components will eventually make it to MCE. It is current based on the bedrock engine, so they retain those properties.

Will we be able to sync Minecraft Earth across multiple devices?
Yes everything you build is saved so you can carry your buildings across multiple devices.

Are you planning to let people “place” their buildings in the world and let other players see them?
Yes! Absolutely

Will there be creative
Isn’t there always with Minecraft?

Will Minecraft Earth come to rural areas?
We are currently in beta and working on our plans for world wide release.

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