The second-ever Minecraft Earth developer Q&A kicked off on the official Minecraft Discord today, bringing us a wealth of new knowledge around the game.

Heres a summary of whats coming to Minecraft Earth.

Will there be fighting other players in MCE?
Nope! Minecraft Earth is a collaborative game experience!

Will breeding be coming?
Yes, breeding is coming, keep your eyes peeled.

Will Adventures be common and can we collect items on Adventures?
Adventures will be less common than tappables, and you will be able to collect items from them! Also, we are working on our new Adventure feature which lets you explore new experiences underground. Here you will find lots of challenges, hostile mobs and rewards! You never know what you will find!

Will making snow golems and iron golems work the exact same as bedrock and java?
We follow the Bedrock rules for MCE (which are not always the same as Java). When the appropriate blocks are in the game we plan to support the things they make. When we don’t follow the rules we announce it (such as how you cannot currently make obsidian).

Will Minecraft Earth be at Minecon Live?
Tune in to find out more ^_^

Special events in the future?
Yes!! They’ll be tied into real world days/events and/or some special game events

Will fishing be implemented into the game? I just picture relaxing on the shore and fishing in AR… :tropical_fish:
We want all tools in the game to work. Fishing in AR would be super cool!

How will the Nether and End work in MCE?

The End and The Nether will be coming to MCE in a future update!

Holiday Exclusive mobs?
Yes! Some very pretty and special mob/mob variants for holidays!!

Any reasons why you don’t plan to allow us to upload our own skins to MCE? Using our own personal skins make us feel like our character is personalized
As with anything that has to do with personalization and creativity, there are people who abuse it and like to do inappropriate things. We will not allow this because the most important thing at the end of the day is keeping our players safe.

Roughly how will crafting work?
Recipes will be the same but some of the functions will be a bit different. You’ll be able to craft tools. These tools can be used in adventures to mine/collect/farm resources and battle hostile mobs.

Are there any plans for a way to collect items without having to constantly look at phone whilst walking around? Like the pokemon go plus for pokemon go?
We have haptic feedback to let you know when a new tappable is nearby, so you don’t have to look constantly. We have discussed accessories but have nothing to announce right now.

Will there be more different looking tappables in the future?
Yes, we are adding Tappable types as the game evolves. You may see some new trees soon

Will there an option to make our player visible by other players on maps, especially friends?
We have been considering this, but have to take player safety and privacy laws and policies into account. We have no announcements on this feature for now.

Can we make obscure redstone contraptions?
All red stone from bedrock works but some blocks will take time to appear, like pistons and red stone comparitors, will come in later updates

Is there any way some relief could be provided to passenger-commuters? It feels like I’m being punished for riding the bus to work with the constant fast-travel warnings.
We will have more features and functions later in the dev process that won’t be affected by speed limits but for right now we have the cap in place for good reason

Will daily rewards be a feature?
We are looking at a lot of new features at the moment including what daily rewards would mean for MCE. We want to make sure they are meaningful and fun!

Will battery consumption be improved?
We are just at the beginning of our performance journey! We will continue to improve it as we make new updates. There are, of course, limits to what we can do, as AR enables every sensor in the device at the same time.

Is villager trading available in MCE?
This is a great question and it’s something we’re working through!

Can we get custom potions? like a potion of long reach, to reach farther in the overworld, or a potion of the collector to automatically collect nearby resources?
We are looking at what potions will be in Minecraft Earth to make the most sense. Stay tuned for more info!

Will MCE have a day and night cycle?
Current MCE and the world map is only played in daylight. We are thinking of how the day-night cycle would work in MCE and what that would mean for AR gameplay for all the different experiences.

It’s great to have the developer team interacting with the community and answering our questions.

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