Today we see the release of Minecraft Earth 0.3.0 – The third update in the Minecraft Earth beta release period – We expect this update to be mostly a bug fix update and preparation for bigger features that are in the works.

Please note – A small patch was issued after release of 0.3.0 – The game version was bumped to 0.3.1

New Items

A bunch of new items were added into this version including tools like swords – which signals that we may have the opportunity to use these soon. Adventures anyone?

New Tappables

We see the addition of some new in-game tappables. If you don’t see these you may see a road cone instead – Update your game!

  • Birch Tree
  • Spruce Tree

General Changes

  • Addition of Salmon animations
  • Tweaks to muddy pig including drip mud animation
  • [REDACTED] mob animations added/tweaked
  • Creepers found in chests

Notice anything we missed? Let us know on Twitter or on our Discord – We will keep updating this article as we find more.