It’s been awhile since we’ve reported on a Minecraft Earth update and today we bring you news of the new features from the 0.13.0 and 0.14.0 update.

Kicking it off we bring you new exclusive mobs for Minecraft Earth. These are mobs that aren’t in the core Minecraft game and currently only exist in the Minecraft Earth universe.

Glowing Squid

The glowing squid known internally is one of the new mobs this mob is exclusive to Minecraft Earth and is a variant of a squid, but with a glowing, luminescent texture. Glow squid mostly have the same AI behavior as squids, wander around aimlessly, swimming up and down, also breath on water.

Skeleton Wolf

The Skeleton (Bone) Wolf is another skeleton variant similar to the Skeleton Spider which we have seen in previous updates. This is a Wolf Variant and displays similar AI behavior to Wolfs. The Skeleton Spider is currently available in stone tappables its unclear whether the Skeleton Wolf will be the same.

Melon Golem

The Melon Golem is a snow golem with a Melon on its head as opposed to a pumpkin they are found in Grass and Pond tappables with a uncommon rarity.

Melon golems function nearly the same as snow golems by placing snow wherever they walk and attacking hostile mobs with projectiles. In fact, there some differences between the two are that the melon golem has face animations, a different head, and melon seed projectiles instead of snowballs. Additionally, they shoot in a burst of 4 melon seed projectiles.

Tropical Slime

The Tropical Slime is the newest mob variant added. A tropical slime is a variant of a slime with a new water based texture filled with tropical fish. This mob is currently not available in the game but we should see it soon.


Boosts are in-game power ups that can be purchased from the Minecraft Earth store or activated by purchasing a Minecraft Earth Mini Figure.

Each Boost will grant you a unique enhancement for a limited time. There are a variety of types but some examples are – increased tappable and adventure radius, decrease crafting time, XP increase, and increased health/attack damage/defence.

Each boost has three levels which will increase its power, duration or both. The boosts currently in the game are:

  • Increase Attack Damage
  • Increase Crafting Speed
  • Increase Max Health
  • Increase Mining Speed
  • Increase Player Defense
  • Increase Tappable Radius
  • Increase XP From Adventures
  • Increase XP From Collecting Mobs
  • Increased Health Gained from Eating
  • Keep Items in Backpack On Death
  • Keep items in Hotbar On Death
  • Smelting Speed Boost

We are sure to see more information on features in this update soon so stay tuned for more information. Make sure to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date.