The Minecraft Earth closed beta is in full swing for London, Seattle, Stockholm, Tokyo and Mexico City where players have access to the game.

Through our deep research and help from players already in the beta, we have your full guide to the Minecraft Earth items you can find from tappables.

Grass Tappable/Marsh Tappable

This tappable mostly contains flowers or dirt/grass – Most of these are in the uncommon or common rarity level.


Stone Tappable

The stone tappable is your source for construction blocks. With different types of stone and other building materials available.


Tree Tappable

Trees are your main source of various different woodblocks. These contain all your different wood-based furnishings for your builds.


Chest Tappable

Chests contain the largest range of items including some of the rarest items in the game. These are the source of many of the items currently in Minecraft Earth.


We are still working on updating our item and block guide. So if you see an item that’s not on our list make sure to reach out to us on Twitter or Discord and let us know.